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We offer a range of services at Disruptive Education & Training including:

Personality Profiling Tools
Profiling is used to understand key working styles and characteristics of an individual and can be essential for leaders to get the best from their team
Professional Development
We run a range of Professional Development training courses ranging from 1 day to 3 days. We can run the PD’s at your school or offsite
Leadership Coaching
Our Leadership Program is designed with your school’s leadership team to ensure it best meets the needs and outcomes required for your school
Coaching & Coach Training
We provide coaching for individuals as well as group coaching. We also provide training in how to coach and how to create a phenomenal school culture
Online Training Courses
Disruptive Education & Training is developing a number of online courses designed for being completed in your own time and at your own pace
Keynote & Workshop Facilitation
Our staff are enthusiastic and motivated. They all have experience in public speaking or running training workshops and courses


As each school is unique and school culture varies significantly from school to school we offer tailor made training and development sessions to meet the needs of your school. We will firstly sit down with the appropriate representative of your school to discuss and develop a training program to meet your school’s needs, budget and timeframe.

What some of our Clients are saying

Highly recommend

I found ‘Leading a Dynamic Team’ presented by Kristy Ambrose from Disruptive Education & Training an excellent Professional Development Course that provides a good measure of theory and practical strategies to help build a positive work culture. I highly recommend this course to anybody who wants to develop strong leadership skills in establishing a dynamic and cohesive team. I found the topics relating to communication styles, healthy boundaries, school standards and goal setting extremely useful!

Kerry Neale
Kalamunda Primary School Education Support Centre

Recommend to everyone


Tam Sheldon
Baldivis Secondary College

Engaging Session

Baldivis Secondary College

Celebrate the victories

When Kristy and I met for our first coaching session, I told her my life felt like walking through mud.  Now, comparatively, I am walking on air.

I was unsure of what to expect from life coaching, but I threw myself into it with enthusiasm and a willingness to listen and learn, to engage with the process.  My mood was low, but my expectations of myself were high.  Kristy helped show me that I could live up to, even exceed those expectations.

Each coaching session was fast-paced and we packed so much into an hour.  Kristy helped me realise that time was precious, and that the urgency of our discussions could be translated into a sense of urgency to get my life in order.  What was I waiting for?  I had wasted so much time ruminating, and talking to Kristy helped propel my thoughts forward instead of in circles.

Together, we planned my next steps and celebrated the small victories…and the big ones.  What I have achieved during my time with Kristy has astonished me, and now I am well prepared to go further than I thought was possible.

I can’t thank Kristy enough for her patience, her big ideas, her encouragement and her steadfast certainty that I could achieve what we planned together.  What an amazing feeling to have someone so passionate in my corner, cheering all the way.  My uncertainty at the beginning of the coaching journey has been replaced by a sense of purpose, positivity and excitement about the future, and for that I credit my wonderful coach.

Touch of Paradise

So down to earth and personable

Despite completing a teaching degree, I had no idea how to manage the multiple staff I have in and out of my education support room.  Your course has demonstrated so many productive and applicable ways to get my team onto the same page, to have challenging conversations and raising our team standards.  I cannot thank you enough for the skills, language and direct support with learning these management skills.  I can’t wait to start the new school year with my WIG (wildly important goal) of an excellent communication within our staff, and all working to the WIG we set for our students.  I will be contacting you again soon.

Anyone would be lucky to have you give them training.  You are so down to earth and personable.  I loved it.

Thanks so much

Julie Deogracias
Kalamunda Primary School Education Support Centre


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Leading a Dynamic Team – Online Training Course

We will soon be launching our own online leadership course.  The 12 module, self-paced course has over 50 hours of training materials, including videos, audio’s, manuals and quizzes to test your understanding.






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