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Creating a Phenomenal School Culture

The Department of Education has made ‘wellbeing for staff and students’ it’s number 1 priority two years in a row!

The reason for this is clear. Rising levels of stress, anxiety, depression and mental health issues among teaching staff, school leaders and students has a detrimental effect not only on mental health and school culture but on student success and results. Education experts know that student success starts with positive education!

Student success begins with positive teachers, school leaders and a phenomenal school culture!

The success of a school is built on the foundation of a phenomenal culture and staff and student well-being
Kristy Ambrose

So often I see teachers and school leaders agree that culture and wellbeing are important and then have an attitude of ‘I’ll do that when I’ve taken care of everything else’. Once I’m on top of my work, once the marking is done, once all the planning is done, once the reports are done THEN I’ll get to that wellbeing stuff. It’s seen as a nice to have not an essential component of success.

We specialise in

  • Online training (can be done in your own time or during DOTT periods)
  • Group Training
  • Face to Face coaching and PD courses
  • Providing packages of coaching and training to suit the needs of your school and to create the desired changes and improvements to school culture and performance

How this works


Our Three Step Success Plan Courses and Programs

Graphic showing 3-step approach to courses offered by Disruptive Education

Who is this for

  • All schools who want to improve their school culture and climate
  • All schools who want to improve the staff’s well-being
  • All schools who want to improve student outcomes

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