Get to Know Us

Disruptive Education & Training was founded from a belief that a schools’ culture and the mental health and wellbeing of the staff and students determines the experience of the school day. Perhaps even more importantly is that the experience staff and students have during their day at school shapes the results that are achieved.


Our mission:

To inspire phenomenal school cultures

There is arguably nothing more important to a student’s success at school and to the overall outcomes of a school than the school’s culture and climate. The best programs are only ever as good as the staff running them and the best staff are only ever as good as the school climate and culture allows them to be. If staff are stressed, unhappy and frustrated they are unable to perform at their best…

We know ourselves, when we walk into a school with a positive climate we are more receptive, we’re in a head space that enables us to think more clearly, somehow breath more easily and we’re much more open to learning and taking on new challenges. The flip side is also true, when we walk into an environment which does not have a great culture we feel shut down before we even begin, work feels harder and we feel less motivated. This is true for school leaders, teaching staff and students.

An article published in the International Journal of Leadership in Education Theory and Practice (2009) titled “The Effects of School Culture and Climate on Student Achievement” by Angus J. MacNeil, Doris L. Prater & Steve Busch concluded that if a principal wants to improve student outcomes they must first consider the schools culture and climate. That staff who are happy are more motivated to be their best in the classroom and that students get so much more from them. The students feel more valued, they are more engaged in their learning and their results improve!

What we value:

Challenging average to create extraordinary

Disruptive Education is all about shaking up and interrupting the norm, it’s about rejecting beige, average and mediocre in the pursuit of something so much more. Outstanding, exceptional, phenomenal results don’t just show up by accident, they don’t show up by being average, by doing what we’ve always done or by “pushing though to get to Friday” they show up when we break the mould, dare to dream and reach for EXTRAORDINARY!

If you’re here I trust that it’s because being average and doing what you’ve always done isn’t cutting it. You realise that the dream that you have for your school, for your staff and students won’t be reached by going through the motions, that to realise your dreams for your school you need to challenge the ordinary and do things a little differently.

Constant and never ending improvement

We are all lifetime learners, we have the ability to be improving our knowledge, skills, talents and abilities every day. The concept of “Constant and Never Ending Improvement” (CANI) is from Tony Robbins and refers to the idea that we can always find ways to improve on where we are at now.

“We only find our limits so that we can go beyond them”
Tony Robbins.

We commit to constant and never ending improvement by always staying on top of the latest coaching and education methodologies, by commitment to always being the best we can be so that we can best serve you.

Taking responsibility

It’s easy to take responsibility when things are going well, when we’re getting the results we want, when our team is performing as we’d like them to, it can be a bit less appealing to take responsibility when things are not going as we’d like them to.

At Disruptive Education we know that the gap between what we say that we want and what we actually achieve is measured by how consistently we take the actions that we know will lead to the desired result. By taking responsibility for all of our results and non-results we know that we have the power to change our outcomes rather than handing the responsibility and power over to someone else.

Letting great results do the talking

We can all talk a great game but what shouts volumes are the results that our clients achieve as a result of our coaching and training programs. At Disruptive Education we make sure that we walk our talk, that we give our all and we let our results in client satisfaction do the talking.

Being passionate and determined

It’s our passion and determination that sets us apart. We know the value that creating a culture of excellence brings to a school, to the staff and the students. We know that it’s what makes the difference when it comes to mental health and wellbeing as well as school and student outcomes. Everyone who works with Disruptive Education is 100% passionate and committed to create the best outcome for you and your school…BECAUSE THIS MISSION MATTERS!

Delivering WOW

Delivering WOW is going above and beyond what is expected, exceeding expectations of ourselves and our clients. Getting the job done, ticking the box is not enough, there is nothing about us that is average! Our support is NOT average, our programs and trainings are NOT average… WOW matters to our clients because it means we go the extra mile to ensure you achieve the results that you’re looking for.

Bringing out of the box thinking with a sense of curiosity and adventure

It’s so easy to get stuck in the thinking of every day and to forget that there are other ways to look at a situation, that there are opportunities that perhaps we have not yet explored, this is where we excel…

Through the use of various coaching models we are able to assist you and your staff to elevate your thinking, to see new opportunities and possibilities and even more than that to think differently about your current challenges.

Modelling Excellence

The creators of Neuro Logistic Programming (NLP) discovered the fastest way to achieve the results that we want in life, in business and in leadership is to model the people who have already achieved the results that we want.

At Disruptive Education we model companies who deliver amazing results for their clients. One of the companies that we are modeling currently is The Coaching Institute. Awarded a position in Job Adviser’s “Top Ten Coolest Companies” in 2016 for their outstanding culture as well as their commitment to excellence is something that we aspire to create for ourselves and for our clients.

To find out more about the Founder of Disruptive Education, Kristy Ambrose, click here.