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Download the Brochure here:
Leading a Dynamic Team Brochure

The 12-module Leading a Dynamic Team online program is for school leaders, aspiring school leaders and teachers who lead teams who want to:

  • Inspire their team to be the best that they can be
  • Create positive lasting change in their school for the benefit of all
  • Drive cultural change in their school
  • Develop their leadership skills and capabilities
  • Utilise proven models of excellence to move your school towards a compelling vision
  • Be much more effective communicators to inspire positive relationships with their team, students and parents

This program is for you if you are:

  • Passionate about creating a positive and lasting change in your school
  • Committed and willing to do what it takes to develop yourself and your team
  • Willing to do approximately one hour* of online professional development per week
  • Excited to be able to access your learning online in a time and place that suits you

*This program is self-paced so you can put in as much or as little time as you like in any given week. We recommend that over a year you will likely do about one hour per week on average.

This program is not a quick fix or a magic pill. It will take time and effort on your part. Cultural change in schools can appear to happen slowly at first, you’ll need to be prepared to put in a sustained effort over a period of time to reap the best results.

Don’t sign-up if you are:

  • Uncomfortable with learning online
  • Not committed to developing yourself as well as others

The 12 modules of Leading a Dynamic Team are research based and use effective and dynamic coaching methodologies.

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Your Complete Package of Dynamic Leadership Strategies

You will quickly discover how to:

  • Unlock your full leadership potential
  • Inspire greatness in your team
  • Learn the structure of successful organisations
  • Develop excellent communication skills
  • Be inspired by top leadership and success coaches
  • Discover how to develop an outstanding school culture
  • and so much more…

Each module includes

  • 4+ hours of professional learning material
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • A manual (online or download)
  • Exercises to extend and apply your learning

Added Bonuses

To set you up for even greater success with this program we have included:

  1. Access an online leadership profile tool. The Meta Dynamics™ Profile Tool is the only tool that profiles your thinking rather than your personality. As well as one 45-minute coaching session to unpack your profile.
  2. 12 live webinars run monthly where you can ask questions and develop a greater understating of the strategies in this program. Recordings of the webinars will be made available for those who are unable to attend the live sessions.
  3. Seven recorded interviews with some of Australia’s top leadership, executive and success coaches who share their knowledge, passion and strategies for developing leadership success.

Certificates are provided to participants upon completion of the program.

Links to AITSL standards

This Online Program contributes to the achievement of the following AITSL Principal Leadership Standards:

  • Professional Practices Lens
    • Developing Self and Others
    • Leading Improvement, Innovation and Change
    • Leading the Management of the School
  • Leadership Requirements Lens
    • Vision and Values
    • Personal qualities, Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Emphasis Lens
    • Relational
    • Strategic

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Download the Brochure here:
Leading a Dynamic Team Brochure