Meet Our Team

Kristy Ambrose

Image of Founder of Disruptive Education and Training Kristy AmbroseThe founder of Disruptive Education and Training Kristy Ambrose began her career as a teacher in Kalgoorlie. Early in her career Kristy discovered that she had a passion for developing student and staff wellbeing and was involved in the district roll out of the Mind Matters program. In 2006 Kristy was nominated for the prestigious Teacher of The Year Award after taking a leadership role within the school, in particular for her work in the area of developing student engagement, wellbeing and resilience.

While on maternity leave after having her two children Kristy embarked on studies with The Coaching Institute. In the Professional Master Coach program Kristy focused on leadership and organizational coaching as well as developing programs for young people with the vision to bring cutting edge, dynamic and innovative coaching tools, models and methodologies into schools.

Kristy led the creation of the first positive psychology program for coach’s where she wrote the modules “Positive Education”, “Community, Connection and Contribution” and “Meta Dynamics™ – The Structure of Excellence”. After being interviewed on a webinar by the Global Success Institute about bringing the Meta Dynamics™ coaching methodology into schools Kristy became a facilitator and mentor for The Coaching Institute supporting the training of coaching students.

In 2016 Kristy founded Disruptive Education and Training as the realisation of a dream to provide coaching and training to educators and students to improve wellbeing, resilience, problem solving and communication skills and even more than that to support every school, every educator and every student to reach their goals, achieve their dreams and to realise their full potential.

Liz McCoy

Image of Liz McCoyFounder and Director of Leadership Zone, Liz has a lifetime of experience in the leadership space and is determined to share this knowledge with the people who truly believe in their own purpose and ability to influence the future of the planet in a positive way. Having spent 10+ years as part of international executive teams in the healthcare industry; leading a three hundred strong team across six countries, Liz knows a thing or two about building exceptional leaders and outstanding workplace culture. Well known for her ambition, passion and drive, Liz brings 25 years emergency nursing experience to create a blend of crazy human encounters, with a solid understanding of the power of your brain to create change and the willingness of the human soul to connect with others.

Liz currently sits on the Advisory Committee and Leadership Team with Business Women Australia, and is an active Board member with Consumer Credit Legal Services WA. She is passionate about making a contribution to developing tomorrow’s leaders using a model of thinking that fosters the growth of generous, compassionate human beings.

Claire Whitlaw-Brown

Image of Claire Whitlaw-BrownAs a leadership coach, Claire believes in nurturing the uniqueness in every client whilst helping them to boldly reach for their most important goals. Claire has an extensive professional background as a leader with over 15 years experience. She’s also a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Certified Coach and respected member of the International Coaching Guild (ICG).

Claire is one of a handful of certified Meta Dynamics Profilers™ in Australia; the worlds only research based profiling tool, that profiles the way you think, to help you reach your shining potential. As a passionate adventurer, Claire has lived in the UK, Spain and Australia. She has travelled extensively with her backpack and has often been spotted on the slopes in France and Austria. She loves her three rescue cats, she believes passionately in kindness, humility and life long learning. Her dream is to build an off grid eco house by the sea from recycled materials.

Usha Raman

Image of Usha RamanFounder of The Tall Oak, Usha Raman has worked with kids and youth from challenging backgrounds for over 12 years. Usha was working in the events industry as a manager with clients like luxury labels, banks, government agencies and high end profile clientele when she decided to follow her passion in working with youth. She became a lecturer and got qualified as a trainer and coach, after which she set up The Tall Oak Training. Her passion for training stems beyond work and business as she is an avid volunteer and has worked with various NGOs to run confidence building programs, empowerment camps, fun fairs and other personal development activities for children, youth, as well as parents.