Note From Our Founder

Hi and welcome,

I founded Disruptive Education with the dream of making a difference to school cultures. I believe that education is one of the most valuable endeavors that we have in our lives. Education gives us choices, it gives us opportunities for our future and that chance to make a difference. I know that the wellbeing of teaching staff and school leaders plays a vital role in the outcomes and success of students.

I’ve taught in Western Australian schools between 2004 – 2016, over those 12 years I taught in both primary and secondary schools, special needs and mainstream.

In 2006 I was extremely honored to be nominated for the teacher of the year award. Through my teaching experience I noticed some distinct commonalities between schools:

  • Teachers and school leaders feeling burnt out, stressed, exhausted and frustrated.
  • School leaders saying that their day felt more like “putting out fires” or “performing triage” rather than leading their school toward a vision.
  • That staff wellbeing and to some extent even student wellbeing was considered more of a “nice to have, when everything else is taken care of”, rather than an essential foundation of creating a great teaching and learning environment.
  • Teachers and school leaders feeling as though they were running all day but not getting where they needed to go.
  • The pile of paperwork, documents and assessments kept growing and the more time that was dedicated to meeting these expectations the less time there was to do the things that really matter in the day.
  • School cultures that had deteriorated to the point where staff didn’t trust or even respect each other.
  • Conflict between staff.
  • Staff who felt like they weren’t being heard.
  • Staff who were leaving the profession prematurely due to stress or stress related health issues.
  • Great ideas going unrealized, sacrificed to the mayhem of getting through the term.

I knew it could be better than this. I knew it needed to be better than this!!

I began studying Leadership and Success Coaching at The Coaching Institute in February 2014 and soon realised that if we used the mindset, the thinking skills and the coaching models in schools we could make a huge shift in school cultures, in how we teach, to the difference of the day of teaching staff, school leaders and students and this became my mission.

In 2015 I lead the creation of a Positive Psychology Program for The Global Success Institute, my modules on “Positive Education” and “Meta Dynamics – The Structure of Wellbeing” were both published in this program.

Late in 2015 I was interviewed by The Global Success Institute about bringing Meta Dynamics into schools, there were over 200 people listening to the interview and the feedback was phenomenal, the common theme was “this is so needed”, and I couldn’t agree more!

In 2016 I was asked to speak at the launch of Strive and Thrive about the importance of mental health and wellbeing of staff and students. After this speech I was nominated for and voted into the Nifnex Top 100 influential businesses and I believe the reason for this is because people both in and out of education are aware of the impact of school culture and staff happiness on student wellbeing.

Photo of Kristy AmbroseI’m looking forward to having the opportunity to connect with you soon and explore how we can help you achieve the ultimate school culture for your school.
Kristy Ambrose