I was so grateful to have won a 6 week program with Kristy. I have done a number of personal growth courses and seminars over the years, as well as my own, as a Naturopath, but not much since having my two kids, now 4yr and 6yrs. As a practitioner myself I am so used to helping solve other people’s issues so it was really nice to be on the other side having someone help me. Kristy was really great. She gave me some really practical ideas to help juggle the family dynamics and parenting of young kids. We also worked on highlighting my personal values. It was really interesting because I know the areas of life that are important to me but to really talk about them with someone and identify them in order of importance, actually gave me a huge insight! It really gave me a new perspective on why I do the things I do, and why its so important to know and follow my own personal values. Thank you Kristy, for your insight.

Amanda, Perth


Kristy Ambrose has been very helpful for our family of 3 siblings from separated parents. My 11 year old girl had a few stresses and fears, and Kristy connected with her so easily, and although my girl is not so experienced at sharing sensitive things with an adult or anyone, she really did engage with Kristy which was beautiful to see. After 4 sessions my daughter feels there is nothing more now needing attention at this time and is feeling Happy! We are very grateful for Kristy’s confident and kind support.

NL & ML, Perth