Why Disruption?

Disruptive Education & Training was created for leaders who want to shake up the culture of their school or organization. It was created for leaders who have had enough of the same issues year after year, who want to move beyond average. For leaders who are noticing that they need different methods, innovative thinking skills and cutting edge leadership tools to create phenomenal results.

Disruptive Education & Training is for leaders who know that when staff wellbeing, communication, relationships and structures are improved the whole school or organization will benefit.

We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.          Albert Einstein

Disruptive Education & Training is for those leaders who are ready to push the envelope, who are ready to embrace change and to achieve extraordinary results!

We disrupt the ordinary, mundane and average to help schools and organizations achieve extraordinary!

Disruptive Education & Training models the practices, culture and mindset of the world’s most successful companies, not just in profit but in culture, leadership and results.

We use models of excellence developed by industry experts and our mentors through their combined 30+ years of experience in supporting companies and organizations to change their culture and improve their outcomes.

Even when things are going well there is always room for growth and improvement, there is always another level to aspire to.

We empower leaders to achieve their vision of creating a phenomenal culture where the staff values are aligned with the school’s, where everyone is working toward the same goals and where there is cohesion and team work.

We deliver a highly professional service with fun, lightness and humor.

We use proven effective coaching skills and methodologies and specialize in:

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Team Building and Training
  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  • Neuro Lingistic Programming (NLP)
  • Meta Dynamics™ including the highly effective Critical Alignment Model
  • Use of personality and leadership profiling tools (DISC and Meta Dynamics™)
  • Growth and Values based coaching

Disruptive innovation compels educators to go against the flow, challenge the status quo, take on the resistance, and shift our thinking in a more growth-oriented way. Disruptive leadership will lead to disruptive innovation. If we hang on to the same type of thinking we will continue to get the same old results…or worse. There is time to go down the path less traveled and create systems of excellence that will be embraced by our learners and in turn better prepare them for their future. Think differently. Learn differently. Disrupt the system as we know it by embracing a business as unusual model. Let’s create a new normal. Eric Sheninger, Huffington Post

All of our coaches are highly qualified and experienced in the latest and most dynamic coaching methodologies. They are also qualified and experienced in training, facilitation and are human behaviour experts. All have recognition with the International Coaching Guild.

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